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nutrition consulting

This is a place to explore life changing practices.


Holistic Nutrition for Preventative Health

Dandelion is on a mission to change the way the world understands nutrition. Learn everyday rituals and digest food-for-thought that will make your health goals sweet and simple. Create a profound pantry, ignite that ‘ol pep in your step and happily escort stress out the front door. This is wholesome advice that enables you to live the life you love, longer.

Personalized Assessments

This is an easy and convenient way to receive a customized nutritional plan based on your health goals.

Ready-Made Plans

A series of essential guides to creating lifelong habits that combat toxins and promote vibrant health.


Inspired by the seasons and for everyday use, with an added dash of creativity.

Dandelion's Blog

Loads of infinitely insightful, curiosity curbing and sometimes sincerely serious health news and information.

From the blog:

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