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Meghan Hickie

Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™

“I dream about food all day long. The colourful kind that grows in black dirt; the nourishing, fatty kind that feeds your brain and bones.”

Meghan HickieAs a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™, I have a huge appetite to spread the word on supreme health. I created Dandelion Holistic Nutrition to help wonderful people like you feel young and sprightly.

After transforming my personal health, I discovered the body’s innate desire to be in perfect balance. Recognizing what real food is, how to eat it and where it comes from is part of what I know is important when teaching others that we have a responsibility to ourselves and planet earth to be our healthiest. Dandelion’s primary mission is prevention and to help you correct nutritional imbalances.

I am grateful for my ongoing working relationship with The Light Cellar and New Earth Organics. I’ve gained treasured knowledge on the world’s finest superfoods, superherbs and ferments. I am thrilled to share this precious knowledge with you.

When taken care of, the dandelion is beautiful, resilient and emits healthy, positive energy – the perfect metaphor for what everyone has the potential to be.

I wholeheartedly dedicate the services of Dandelion Nutrition to my mother – always loved and never forgotten. Remembering her contagious, nurturing smile keeps me inspired to help people like you.

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition focuses on correcting an individual’s nutritional imbalances through a unique assessment and customized recommendations. The main goal of a Holistic Nutritionist is Preventative Health. A Holistic Nutritionist understands that symptoms are our body’s way of crying for balance! We take into account the client’s environment, emotions and values as part of our assessment. Holistic Nutrition also focuses on the consumption of clean water, alive, wholesome foods and the elimination of toxins.

Dandelion Holistic Nutrition is wholesome advice

Each of us are unique so it’s not always easy to know if we are eating what is right for us. Dandelion offers custom nutritionist services to facilitate a balanced lifestyle and help you make healthy food choices that are right for you. The holistic approach feeds the mind, body and spirit while targeting specific concerns you may have. Dandelion’s primary mission is prevention and to help you correct any nutritional imbalances you may have. Follow your unique nutrition plan and you’ll notice a difference.